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for Ms Window
Improve Chenille quality with a touch

Iteco CMCPc software for Ms Windows is made for improving spinning and winding efficiency, while decreasing dramatically chenille manufacturing costs. We think we've designed a complete, simple and cheap instrument to do so.

What the CMCPc software is?

CMCPc software is a personal computer SOFTWARE. It runs under MS Windows; and just needs a standard Personal Computer with Laser or Ink-Jet printer, but you can take full advantage of its features with the TABLET DATA STATION

What do you perform with the CMCPc software?

Remote programming of the Iteco CMC frame clearing system, Production efficiency monitoring, per spindle, per head, per operator, quality control.

How can I install the CMCPc software?

Just need an Ms Windows (Xp, Vista, 7 and 8) PC and the installer

How many CMC heads can I connect to the CMCPc software?

Up to 128 CMC heads.

How do I connect to the heads?

We recommend using our Bluetooth adapters, that replace the wired connections, allowing to remotely program the heads, directly near to the spindle, without being hardwired to them and with no need to stay close to the central unit of the machine.






How does the CMCPc works?

Quality can be easily chosen by mill managers by entering the desired defect lengths to be detected.
Tablet Data Station accepts up to 10 defect classes, with different length ranges and different alarm thresholds.
Quality of your production is your desired quality !
A little sample:
Suppose that you want to check 3 defect classes:
1) from 0.5 to 3 mm
2) from 3 to 6 mm
3) more than 6 mm

… assigning the alarming as following
o Class (1) - No alarm.
o Class (2) - Alarms @ 10 defects.
o Class (3) - Alarms @ just 1 defect.

At the doffing time, an automatic printing out will be released by the Data Station. With this printout, operator can share the good spindles from the bad spindles.

All collected data are automatically saved on MS Excel files, in order to be elaborated as much as supervisor wants.

Automatic efficiency printouts are also available to check on paper the quality and manufacturing performances.
Graphics are also available to be printed out.

Iteco CMCPc can be also customised on customer specific demand.
Iteco is always at your disposal to supply tailored designed software to satisfy mill's particular needing.


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