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...the Easy Iteco Chenille clearing

Today's chenille yarn market is characterised by worldwide substantial overcapacity, dramatic price dumping and constantly increasing quality requirements of weaving mills.


In other words, for a chenille spinning mill to be really successful on the marketplace, highest quality (possibly 'zero defects') at competitive price is the only way to go. Then it's a must of the chenille mill's management to react to this increasingly challenging market situation, eventually following a completely new approach in quality process and cost assurance. Iteco mission is to develop new technology to let the above be, by setting new standards in chenille and fancy clearing and introducing the on-line internet services to offer to any customer, wherever it is, the today widest available experience in special yarn clearing.

We comfort you with our experience; on-line at your disposal !

One word: EASY!


Introducing the new Chenille yarn clearer: EASY!

Did you ever think to program your clearer just by two fingers?
Now it's possible, with EASY clearer!
The absolutely simple clearing system for chenille.

  • No matter what your LANGUAGE is.
  • No need of CLEARING parameters.
  • No need of WINDING parameters.
  • No need of YARN parameters.
  • No need of system CONFIGURATION.
  • No need of system PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE.

Just fix the clearers on the winding machine and start clearing!

What about Upgrading EASY into ORACLE?

Just purchasing the upgrading kit and you‘ll enjoy the all performance of ORACLE using your EASY heads!

Clearing Backgrounds

  • Optical technology based clearer
  • Digital programming by just 2 trimmers
  • Group of 6 Clearers & One Data Station

Clearing Channels

  • Stripback Sensitivity
  • Stripback Length







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