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Easy CMC

...the Iteco Easy way to produce Chenille

Easy CMC : the solution to increase profit on chenille yarn

Introducing the new Iteco® chenille Frame clearing system

Iteco® Easy CMC system is the first and the only one clearer for frame spindle, whatever it is.
Easy CMC uses the newest Iteco 'Non-Invasive Optical Technology' (NIOT), combined with the latest state-of-the-art electronics.

Results are basically:

  • 0.5 millimetres defect accuracy
  • On-line detection of every yarn imperfections
  • every count on the same sensing head (optical unit), with no needing to exchange optical calipers
  • no needing to be programmed (Autoclearing procedure)
  • yarn twisting not effecting
  • interfacing with the Machine head (optionally)

Immediate benefits

The biggest benefits of a Yarn Quality Control on chenille Machine are :

For an easy sharing at doffing, an LED at the top of every sensing head will light in case the spindle is bad. The number of good spindles made by a chenille Machine can be really high if you've a quality control system that on-time monitors yarn defects directly on the frame; Iteco statistics, collected in a 2 years old Machine, making Polypropylene Chenille 3Nm count, counts an average of 75% goods spindles @ doffing. (defects less than 2 mm length have been accepted [see C.I.M.A. specs @]).

One word: EASY!

Trash saving on real time

With the alarming function, the LED of a sensing head can be alarmed in case the spindle will shortly reach a number of defect, due to malfunction of frame head. Most probably this spindle will be full of defect and will need to be trashed. Thanks to Iteco® Easy CMC frame workers will be able to locate the non-working head, stop the spindle, service and re-start it with a new cop.
In the past, none knew if a spindle had to be trashed before the winding process; this meant that:

  • Kilograms of chenille and money lost
  • Plastic tubes busy days for nothing
  • Winding time lost
  • Worst quality and efficiency of the Machine

Easy to image how the frame efficiency can immediately grove up!


Introducing the new Chenille frame clearing system: EASY CMC!

Did you ever think to program your CMC just by two fingers?
Now it's possible, with EASY CMC!

  • No matter what your LANGUAGE is.
  • No need of CLEARING parameters.
  • No need of YARN parameters.
  • No need of system CONFIGURATION.
  • No need of system PROGRAMMING PROCEDURE.

Just fix the CMC on the chenille machine and start!





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