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Millennium clearex - Discontinued

Can be retrofitted with Oracle

Technology Becomes Easy


Special yarns clearing requires high technological qualities, competency and specific experience. These figures are the ones which the Iteco worldwide success is grounded on and represents the reasons of the company amazing leading position in its market. Iteco's product performances, based on the above specifications, represent and have been always represented, the only one solution for targeting top quality and top efficiency in chenille and fancy yarn clearing. Millennium Clearex main end is let the clearing becoming extremely easy. The higher innovation of Millennium is the AUTOCLEARING automatic calibration software. Thanks to this feature, clearer program will be done in few seconds, just winding the yarn into the sensing head for some meters and no requiring operator's experience. Also available on the Millennium the choice between automatic and manual calibration procedure.

ITECO MILLENNIUM: Chenille clearer easy and safe!

Top performances and top reliability

Millennium offers to yarn manufacturers the most complete clearing features, like:

  • Thin sections (no pile, stripback), less than 1mm accuracy
  • Thick sections (slubs, too pile, knots…) less 1mm accuracy
  • Virtual clearing
  • Independent programming every head
  • Repetitive defects channel
  • Passwords
  • On-line yarn defects report

ITECO MILLENNIUM: max performance and efficiency.


Top quality @ Top efficiency

Iteco Millennium allows the production of a top level quality yarn, improving manufacturing times. Thanks to the Autoclearing function and to multichannels programming, all the set up defects will be cleared out, with no false cutting; this means top quality @ the less possible cost.




Millennium is also compatible with ITECO Oracle; the heads are 100% exchangeable with no needing of further more updating. So if you have a Millennium clearing system and you like to improve it with the Iteco Oracle, you just need to buy the Oracle Optical Unit. PLU and Data Station remain the same !



Together with Millennium you can enjoy the following accessories: Yarn brake with bracket (included): allows to adjust the right tension to the yarn to well pass through the clearer. Second caliper (included): allows to get more sliding grooves to rum heavy or light yarn counts.

DUST PROOF CALIPER (optional): to work in heavy-dust environment with no needing of extra-cleaning of the glass. It can be retrofit as KIT in all the Millennium and Clearex models.


TWINAIR: (optional) Iteco automatic cleaning system to keep the Optics always clean.

W-STOP (optional): to interface the clearers with the winding machine, stopping the winder everytime operators do not work properly with the clearers.


MUX DATA STATION (optional): to work much more comfortably using Jumbo LCD display, internal printer, saving programs and reports as file. Compulsory to connect the Iteco Millennium to a Personal Computer.

MUX RETROFITTING: Mux can be retrofitted by Oracle Software installed on Ms Windows Pc and a Power Station.

BRACKETS (optional): to fix the Millennium to the most used winding machine on sale.


Manifacturing efficiency with Iteco Oracle Software

Iteco MILLENNIUM helps a lot to improve manufacturing efficiency, thanks to the easiness of programming and using and the new way to put the yarn into the head.
But production efficiency can be supervised and improved more and more with the Iteco XQ-SYSTEM PC software for windows, that gives all possible production details easily and friendly.
XQ-SYSTEM connects the Millennium to a Personal Computer to remote control the clearers and getting all the available information about yarn quality statistics and production efficiency. Ask Iteco for further info about the XQ-SYSTEM.

Millennium is Oracle compatible.



Data Station Up to 48 clearers, 8 Linking Units
Linking Unit Up to 6 clearers
Optical Unit One per head; compatible with MILLENNIUM installations
Connection through RJ45 cables between Linking Units and Data Station; sealed cable from GOLD Optical Unit, ending RJ45.

Clearing Channels

I.S.G.R. Thick Section Sensitivity I.L..F.V. Thin Section Virtual Length
I.S.F.R. Thin Section Sensitivity R.L.G.R. Repetitive Thick Length
I.L.G.R. Thick Section Length R.L.F.R. Repetitive Thin Length
I.L.F.R. Thin Section Length R.L.G.V. Repet.Virtual Thick Length
I.L.G.V. Thick Section Virtual Length R.L.F.V. Repet.Virtual Thin Length


  SIZE Range
Chann. Dimensions mm Inch mm Inch
I.S.G.R. % to the caliper XXX.X
K = 0.5
000.0- 100.0 Circular
I.S.F.R. % to the caliper XXX.X
k = 0.5
000.0- 100.0 Circular
I.L.G.R. Mm/inch XX.X
K = 0.01
0.1/1.28mm 0.05 - 1.4yd
I.L.F.R. Mm/inch XX.X
K = 0.01
0.1/1.28mm 0.05 - 1.4yd
I.L.G.V Mm/inch XX.X
K = 0.01
0.1/1.28mm 0.05 - 1.4yd
I.L.F.V. Mm/inch XX.X
K = 0.01
0.1/1.28mm 0.05 - 1.4yd


  Min. Defect Length Max. Defect length
V-MAX 1.200 mt/min 1mm 1.28 mt
V-MIN 50 mt/min 0.1mm (42umm) 53 mm



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