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...brings Iteco wherever you are

New clearing standards to lead future

The new Lab Online

Introducing a new concept of yarn clearing: The full-on-line clearing via internet.

Easy of using is something to go for; providing that experience, know-how and information are at their top. Iteco ORACLE puts them together for the first time setting a milestone in the chenille and fancy industry.


Services come first.

Iteco ORACLE keeps you Internet-connected via the Iteco Teleservicing Software built in on every Tablet Data Station, which allows our LAB Service Center to enter into your heads and do whatever you need on the yarn clearing system.

Iteco LAB Service Center

This is the real core of your clearing system; a group of experienced technicians at your disposal wherever you are, whatever language you speak. The ORACLE platform makes us to be there with you, helping you programming the yarn, locate a working trouble, suggesting the best way to produce highest quality yarn.
LAB Service Center will be also able to service you technically, driving you on installation and maintenance of the Iteco clearers; Iteco LAB Service Center can find, check, upgrade and service your clearers as if they are in our lab in our headquarter. And in case of need for exchanging need, our service partners, located close to you, will be at your disposal with spare parts.

World servicing (on-line)
…brings Iteco wherever you are

No distances; anymore.

Iteco ORACLE is connected to us via Internet through Iteco Teleservicing Software built in on every Tablet Data Station, which allows our LAB Service Center to enter into your heads and do whatever you want on the clearers, supported also by the Digital Camera provided by the Tablet Data Station.

Programming, Servicing, Troubleshooting, as well as quality and efficiency statistics supervising can be done by us, just when you want us to do it.

Try to think it: Just Unbelievable.

Iteco 25 years experience, by the inventor of the clearer for chenille yarn, at your disposal real-time at your factory, no matter where you are.

Who else can offer you such a servicing ?

New Technology, full digital


Sensing head: electronics

The new Iteco ORACLE sensing head introduces the latest engineered electronics, using a custom 80mhz DSP processor, made in Europe, designed and produced under the ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards.

Sensing head: optics

The new Iteco ORACLE sensing head introduces also the newest improved optical technology, patented, that has been miniaturized in a new custom sensor, 5 times more accurate than the Millennium models.

Sensing head: cutting unit

The new Iteco ORACLE sensing head has an optimized cutting unit that powers the successful experience of Millennium and CC3 models.

New materials and components allow to have the highes.

Cutting performances, to secure safety and reliability.
W-Stop interface with winder further insure a no-defected cone

Sensing head: remote programming and servicing

The new Iteco ORACLE sensing head can be reprogrammed by us on-line. Firmware upgrading can be loaded via Internet deep into the head micro, in order to offer a platform for the addition of future innovations. In the meantime, the Iteco LAB Service Center can on-line & real-time diagnose any kind of trouble on every head and provide troubleshooting and immediate servicing.


  • Optical technology based clearer
  • Yarn Self-programming
  • On-line yarn programming via Internet
  • On-line servicing via Internet
  • On-line troubleshooting via Internet
  • On-line quality statistics supervising via Internet
  • On-line production statistics supervising via Internet


Clearing Channels

  • 1- Stripback Sensitivity
  • 2- Stripback Length
  • 3- Virtual Stripback
  • 4- Thick Sensitivity
  • 5- Thick Length quality
  • 6- Virtual Thick
  • 7- Yarn move detection

Defect Storms Detection (DSD)

  • 8- Stripback STORM Sensitivity
  • 9- Virtual STORM Stripback
  • 9- Thick STORM Sensitivity
  • 10- Virtual STORM Thick

Irregularity (IRRY)

Digital detection of yarn size variation that effects count.

  • Stripback IRRY Sensitivity
  • Virtual IRRY Stripback
  • Thick IRRY Sensitivity
  • Virtual IRRY Thick

Clearing Statistics (24h/day)

All cleared and virtual yarn defects are continuously saved into the Data Station HDD. Customer or Iteco LAB Service Center can supervise the quality standard of the all clearers organising display with histograms, graphics and databases.

Production Statistics (24h/day)

Clearers provide yarn production supervising on winding machine. Customer or Iteco LAB Service Center can supervise the production efficiency of every:
- head
- worker
- yarn
- month
- week
- day
- shift
The production efficiency can be set up by the mill manager accordingly with production targets and goals; in this case, the clearers will provide also efficiency in %.

The new data station

Tablet Data Station

Oracle is operated via Tablet Data Station, that is made up by a Power Station which power supplies the heads and by the Tablet handheld terminal, a wireless laptop PC equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interfaces.

The Tablet, using the Bluetooth technology that replaces the wired connections, allows to remotely program the clearers, directly near to the winding head, without being hardwired to them and with no need to stay close to the central unit of the machine.

The Wi-Fi allows to have the Tablet connected to the Internet and the Iteco LAB Service Center to remote control, supervise and program the ORACLE clearing system.

Teleservicing Software

The Tablet has the Iteco Teleservicing Software that allows customer to be serviced on-line by the Iteco LAB Service Center. Once customer asks for the LAB servicing, the Iteco LAB technicians will get control of the clearing system completely, supporting 100% customer‘s needing.

Quality and Efficiency software

Built-in the Tablet, customer can also supervise the efficiency of the winding machine, in order to control the working performances, 24h/day. Tablet software provides efficiency data per shift, daily per week, per month...
Customer can also supervise the mill quality, by analysing the defect recording that Tablet software is getting 24h/day, checking them on databases or graphically. Quality and Efficiency software can be shared with Iteco LAB Service Center in order to find a solve possible causes of low production and quality.




What's the benefit?

    Fastest electronics, engineered optics, DSP micro, improved firmware, designed under the ISO 9001:2000 quality standards
    New Tablet Data Station to enjoy remote programming, servicing and troubleshooting
    The Iteco LAB Service Center at your disposal on-line and real-time at your factory clearers.
    The smallest Chenille and Fancy yarn clearer in the market; to be fixed in any kind of winders. Clean and straight yarn path through the clearers allows fastest operations by workers.
    The ORACLE head can be installed on any MILLENNIUM and GOLD clearing system. The new Tablet Data Station can be installed on any MILLENNIUM and GOLD clearing system

Retrofitting 100%

Iteco: Value for money.

The Iteco Tablet Data Station can be installed also on existing Iteco Millennium and Gold clearing lines.

  • No need to change the clearers
  • No need to fix new line on winder
  • No need to cable the winder
  • No need to upgrade the clearers

Retrofitting an Iteco Millennium or a Gold is very fast and easy: just unplug the existing Data Station and plug the new Tablet Data Station.

Definitively easy...

As loyalty program, Iteco rewards its customers with a tailored customised price for the purchasing of the newest Tablet Data Station. Ask your Iteco dealer to get more information.

Software IS the difference

25 years chenille and fancy yarn experience available at your factory place ! Software is the core of the system and has been developed to meet future quality standards requirement.

Easy first:

Programming never been so easy. And complete, to offer high-quality yarns at the most competitive prices.


Touch-screen display software shows all data at a fingertip, including:

Clearers program: featuring

  • Autoclearing
  • Advanced Clearing
  • Default Clering
  • On-Line clearing with NHP function.

Production statistics, featuring:

  • Efficiency per shift, week, month
  • Efficiency databases

Quality statistics, featuring:

  • Defects databases per clearing channels.
  • Defects graphics and histograms per operator selection

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