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Oracle Software

for Ms Window
Improve your efficiency so much

Iteco Oracle software for Ms Windows is "the" software to improve manufacturing efficiency. We everybody know that manufacturing cost issue is definitively an item to be dropped down to be competitive on the worldwide market. We think we've designed a complete, simple and cheap instrument to increase production efficiency and operator's control, maintaining the same quality level.

What the Oracle software is?

Oracle software is a personal computer SOFTWARE. It runs under MS Windows; and just needs a standard Personal Computer with Laser or Ink-Jet printer.

What do you perform with the Oracle software?

Remote programming of the Iteco clearers (Millennium, Gold or Oracle) Production efficiency monitoring, per winder, per mill, per head, per operator.

How can I install the Oracle software?

Just need a PC and my Millennium or Oracle clearers.

How many clearers can I connect to the Oracle software?

Up to 240 clearers, shared by 4 lines of 60 heads each with 4 Muxes or 60 heads without any Mux.

How do I connect a single line?

We recommend using our Bluetooth adapters, that replace the wired connections, allowing to remotely program the clearers, directly near to the winding head, without being hardwired to them and with no need to stay close to the central unit of the machine.

How do I connect the 4 lines?

Just by using the Iteco RS485 cable, available # 10, 20 and 50mt. You connect the first MUX to the PC (with thw Bluetooth adapters) and the other MUXs to each other.

Oracle software is Oracle and Millennium compatible.





How does the Oracle Software works?

It works very simply; here there's and example of what can you make with the XQ-SYSTEM, following this procedure:

1 - Make the clearing file for a new yarn style ('EASYPROGRAM' procedure)


Open the "Easyprogram"(1) window, just clicking double on the main menu:
Then, you go to the Iteco clearers to make the clearing program on the new yarn style that you're going to wind; use the 'AUTOCLEARING' function or the 'Manual programming' at your convenience (see Millennium or Oracle leaflet). When the program is released by the clearer, go back to the office and"UPLOAD" (2) the program. Then enter the "Winding machine speed"(3) (mt/min or yard/min) and the "Yarn count"(4) (nm or yard/pound) as well as the "Yarn name"(5) that will be saved as file name. Now you just press a key to send the new program to the group of clearer(6) where the yarn will be wound.

2 - Assign the heads to the operators

Iteco Oracle Software allows also to check the performance of the winder operators; to do this, the group of heads must be assigned on the SETUP window, to get the aside printout. You'll have a subtotal of the efficiency for every operator(7) and every winding machine(8).

3 - Set up the working shift hours and select the automatic printing out

Thanks to theOracle Software, your PC will make automatic printout of the efficiency reports at anytime you would need to have them. The most useful is have 3 printouts : per working shift, per day and per week. Using the Setup window, you can choose when and if getting the above printout. Efficiency graphics, in form of Histograms, can be printed out together with the reports.


4 - Get the efficiency as printing out, graphics and MS Excel files

Once the Oracle Software prints the report (and the graphics) automatically saves the file into MS EXCEL format (with the date of the file and type of file; es: mux1_shift1_030801.xls) Then you have also the aside report in your hands with some important information about the performance of your manufacturing as:

  • Kilos or Pounds of yarn produced(9)
  • Kilos of yarn produced @100% efficiency(10)
  • REAL (actual) efficiency in %(11)
  • Run time of the heads(12)

Iteco Oracle Software can be also customised on customer specific demand.
Iteco is always at your disposal to supply tailored designed software to satisfy mill's particular needing.


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