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Automatic air-cleaning system

Keeps the head clean and safe


The Iteco 'TWINAIR' is an air-cleaning system to be installed on Millennium and GOLD clearers. TWINAIR is made up by a Main Unit with an electronic timer and valve that can be freely programmed, by setting the blowing time (in seconds) and the stop time (in seconds as well).

A Jointing Unit is also available with air Injectors, rubber tubes and jointing quick-connectors to bring the air from the Main Unit to every clearer head. TWINAIR can use up to 6 bars pressure air. TWINAIR system max. head configuration is 9 heads.
With the new Iteco GOLD model, the Jointing Units become cheaper, thanks to the Injector which is built in the clearer Optical Unit.
TWINAIR is fully retrofitting with your Millennium or Clearex models.

TWINAIR is also available @ 110V.



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